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3.3: Creating Folders for Titles

Downloaded titles, or titles in the process of being downloaded, are automatically placed within one of two main folders: Audio Books or Audio Magazines. However, you can save or move titles within and between these folders through additional user-created subfolders.

To accomplish this, enter the main folder in which you would like to create a personal folder. Next, select the soft menu or More Options button on your device. A pop-up menu listing seven buttons appears. Select the button titled Create Folder, which is second on the list and directly after the button titled Sort.

When you select Create Folder, a pop-up dialog box titled Create Folder will appear, and TalkBack users will hear “Alert. Create folder. Cancel. OK.” This pop-up box contains a text field in which you must enter the name of your newly created folder. After entering the name, swipe to the OK button, located below the text field and directly to the left of the Cancel button.

After you select the OK button, the Create Folder pop-up dialog box will close and the folder you created will be listed.

If you do not wish to create a folder, select the Close button and the Create Folder pop-up dialog box will close.

Use the Navigate Up button on the upper-left corner of the screen to return to the main Bookshelf screen.

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