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Section 7: Tips and Hints

1.       TalkBack users can easily move between tabs without having to select them. Using one finger, tap, hold, and slowly swipe to the left or right of the screen.


2.       TalkBack users who would like to hear the spelling of a word that TalkBack announces can do so through special gestures. Draw an L shape gesture—down and across the screen—and then lift your finger from the screen. A sound, similar to a very rapid knock, denotes that you have accessed the Global Context Menu. TalkBack will ask you to “touch the screen and explore the circle to find an item.” However, you should touch the screen with one finger and slide it to the right. TalkBack will then say “spell the last utterance.”  Lift your finger from the screen, and TalkBack will spell the last utterance.


3.       Android and iOS devices vary in their terminology and use of accessibility features and gestures. For those who prefer to use TalkBack to navigate BARD Mobile, exploring by touch—slowly dragging one finger around the screen to move focus—may be the quickest way to learn and know where items are on the screen. Please refer to Section 1.2 to learn more about TalkBack as it relates to BARD Mobile, your device user guide concerning its accessibility features, or visit the Android Accessibility Help page.

Last Updated: 5/7/2015

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