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3.1: Accessing, Sorting, and Getting Book or Magazine Details on Your Device

Downloaded titles, or titles in the process of being downloaded, are automatically placed under one of two folders listed in Bookshelf. These folders are Audio Books and Audio Magazines.

By default, books and magazines are listed in the order they are downloaded, with the most recent titles listed first. However, if you prefer, books can also be listed—or sorted—alphabetically by title, alphabetically by the author’s last name, or by the date of most recently downloaded or read. Magazines can be listed alphabetically by title, by the date of most recently downloaded, or recently read. To change the listing order, select the soft menu or More Options button on your device while in the folder you would like to reorder. Then, select the Sort button from the menu. It is the first button listed.

A Sort By dialog box will appear, and TalkBack will announce “Alert. Sort by.” Select Title, Author, or Recent Activity to reorder the material based on your preference. Then select OK to accept the changes, or Cancel to return to the folder.

To learn more about each title while in the Audio Books or Audio Magazines folder, tap and hold on the title with one finger. A Book Details page will open for the corresponding title. When the Book Details page opens, TalkBack will announce “book details.”

The Book Details page will list—if applicable to the book or magazine selected—the title, author, narrator, total time, book number, and annotation. Directly below the annotation is a Read Now button. Select this button if you wish to read the title. To navigate back, select the Book Details Navigate Up button near the upper-left corner of the screen. TalkBack will announce, “Book details navigate up.”

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