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5.5: Bookmark

The Bookmark button is near the middle of the Now Reading screen, after the Progress bar. Select the Bookmark button to insert or delete a bookmark at the current reading position.

While reading a book or magazine, at any time, you can mark a point in the title and return to that point whenever you wish. Selecting the Bookmark button while playing a book will not disrupt the narration of the title. The bookmark will be stored even if you turn off BARD Mobile or select another title to read.

To remove a bookmark while reading a book, return to within 5 seconds of the marked position and select the Bookmark button. If the title is in stop mode, the reading position must be exactly at the existing bookmark to remove it.

You can review all your bookmarks for the title you are currently reading through the Navigation screen. Select “bookmark” on the Menu button prior to accessing the Navigation screen and then select the Navigation button, which follows the time elapsed display.

Please see Section 5.6 for information on the Menu button.

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