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6.1: Verbosity Setting

The first button on the Settings screen is the Verbosity Setting button. The verbosity setting affects the amount of spoken feedback the application will provide as you navigate a book using the buttons on the Now Reading screen. These messages are similar to the messages you might hear when using your digital talking-book player and does not affect TalkBack speech.

There are two options for the verbosity setting: normal and low. By default, the verbosity setting is normal. In this setting, for example, press and hold the Forward button in BARD Mobile, and you will hear the message “forward 20 seconds.” Select the button again, with the verbosity setting on low, and you will hear the message “20 seconds.”

To change the setting, select the Verbosity Setting button. An Alert pop-up dialog box titled Verbosity Setting will appear with the option to select Normal or Low. Select the checkbox next to the verbosity setting of your choice. As options are provided with checkboxes, TalkBack will announce “not checked” if the option is not selected or “checked” when it is.

After you have made your selection, the pop-up dialog box will close and you will return to the Settings screen.

If you do not wish to change the current setting, select the Cancel button at the bottom of the pop-up box. The pop-up dialog box will close and you will return to the Settings screen.

6.2: Device Accessibility Settings

The Device Accessibility Settings button is the second button in Settings, directly after the Verbosity Setting button. Through this button, you can access your device’s accessibility settings and make changes that will affect your device and BARD Mobile. This includes activating TalkBack, changing font sizes, or enabling magnification gestures.

Selecting the Back button on your device will return you to the Settings page in BARD Mobile.

Consult the user guide for your device to learn more about its accessibility features. You can also visit the Android Accessibility Help page.

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