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3.6:   Deleting Titles and Folders

You can delete titles and user-created folders from your Bookshelf at any time.

Select and enter the folder within Bookshelf that contains the item you want to delete. If the item you want to delete is located in a user-created folder, you must enter that folder. Then activate the soft menu or More Options button on your device. Swipe through the pop-up menu list and select the Delete button, which is fourth on the list, directly after the Rename Folder button.

The items available for deletion will present in a list. A check box will display with each title. Swipe through the list and select the title or titles you would like to delete. As selections are made through check boxes, TalkBack users will hear “not checked” if the item is not selected and “checked” when it is.

After you have made your selections, swipe to the bottom of the list and select either the Cancel button or the OK button. Select the Cancel button if you do not wish to delete any items.

When you select the OK button, Bard Mobile will ask you to confirm the deletion. TalkBack users will hear “Are you sure you want to delete?” In addition, BARD Mobile will note that when you delete a user-created folder, you will also delete its contents.

Select the Yes button to complete the operation and return to the main folder from which the deletion occurred. Select the No button if you do not wish to delete any items. When the No button is activated, you will return to the point you originally selected.

With TalkBack disabled, BARD Mobile users may delete titles by swiping right directly on the title. Two options will appear: Delete and Move. Select Delete. A confirmation message will appear. Select Yes to delete the title.

Use the Navigate Up button on the upper-left corner of the screen to return to the main Bookshelf screen.

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