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5.14:  Book Navigation

An alternate way to navigate through the contents of the book you are reading is through the Navigation screen. To access a book’s Navigation screen, activate the Navigation button, which is located directly after the Time Elapsed display.

Playback of a title will pause when you enter the Navigation screen.

When you access the Navigation screen, the elements of the title—or your bookmarks if selected through the Menu button—are listed. A Current Reading icon denotes the section in which you are currently reading. It is located before the section title.  TalkBack users who swipe through the items will hear “Current Reading icon” when they approach the section they are currently reading. Swipe once more and TalkBack will announce the title of that section.

BARD Mobile indicates navigation items with additional navigational points through an Expand/Collapse button. This button follows the title of the navigation item. Tap and hold the button to expand and collapse the levels.

TalkBack users will know when there are additional navigation items because TalkBack will announce the level and a plus (to expand) or minus (to collapse). Double tap and hold to expand or collapse the items.

Scroll or swipe through the list and select the section to which you want to jump. The Navigation screen will then close and the player will begin to read from your selected navigation point.

At any time, you can leave the Navigation screen by selecting the Navigate Up button, located near the upper-left corner of the screen.

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