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6.8:   Application Version, Current Username, and Storage

The final three options within Settings provide you information important to know concerning the way BARD Mobile functions.

The Application Version option provides data on the current version of BARD Mobile you are using. You are encouraged to use the most current version of BARD Mobile, which may include bug fixes and other updates.

BARD Mobile allows only one user to access BARD through BARD Mobile, and the Current Username option lists the username used to do so. This may impact what books you can download to your device from your wish list in BARD, as the username is associated with that particular BARD account.

To change the username, you must reset the application. See Section 6.4 to learn more about the Application Reset function.

The Storage Location option notes the specific location of where downloaded material is being stored on your device. Consult the user guide for your device to learn more about its Application Manager settings.

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