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1.2:   Operating BARD Mobile

Android devices have pre-installed accessibility features that make BARD Mobile accessible to visually impaired individuals. These features, such as TalkBack and magnification gestures, help you better navigate your device and BARD Mobile.

TalkBack is a screen reader for blind and visually impaired users. It is provided by Google and uses spoken feedback to describe the results of gestures—what you touch, select, and activate. Some Android devices offer screen readers other than TalkBack. This user guide covers the operation of BARD Mobile with the use of TalkBack; however, BARD Mobile was designed to work well with any screen reader.  

Gestures used to operate BARD Mobile using TalkBack are different from the gestures used to operate BARD Mobile without it. They are based on the Explore by Touch system. For example, slowly drag one finger around the screen to move focus. As you explore the device in this manner, TalkBack will announce the buttons and icons you pass and where focus is fixed. To select the focused item, double-tap on the screen. You can also simply swipe left or right to focus on a particular item and hear what icons and buttons are on the screen.

Explore by Touch is automatically enabled when TalkBack is turned on and, unless otherwise noted in this guide, standard TalkBack gestures should be applied if you use TalkBack to interact with BARD Mobile.

Magnification gestures is an accessibility feature that allows you to temporarily magnify what is on your screen. This feature is turned on through your device’s accessibility settings. It will not affect gestures used to operate BARD Mobile and works with TalkBack.

Along with TalkBack and magnification gestures, your Android device may have additional accessibility features and options to select. Please refer to your device user guide, or visit the Android Accessibility Help page.

To activate TalkBack or magnification gestures on your device, go to Settings>Accessibility.

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