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1.3:   BARD Login

At the initial launch of the application, TalkBack will announce “BARD Mobile. BARD Mobile sign-on page.” On this page you are required to enter your BARD username and password and agree to the BARD Mobile terms of service. You cannot use BARD Mobile unless you consent to the terms of service.

Enter your username in the username text field following the BARD Mobile sign-on page heading. For TalkBack users, focus is fixed in this text field. After entering your username, enter your password in the password text field that directly follows.

You can allow your password to be shown by selecting the show password checkbox, which is directly before the password text field. It is important to note, however, that on some devices, the keys of the keyboard will repeat the word “dot” for each letter, unless headphones are used.

After entering your BARD username and password, swipe to select the Accept Terms of Service checkbox.

Select the Login button to initialize the app or the Cancel button to close the app.

BARD Mobile will remember your username and password. Unless you change them through the BARD website, you should only have to provide this information once.

BARD Mobile will also ask you to select a storage location. In most cases you should choose the default location given. If you select another location you will not be able to change it without losing all the materials you have already downloaded. 

You are now ready to download books to your Android device.

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